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There are websites that offer information and ones that tell a story. What do you want your website to do? Most sites that try to tell a story are hard to follow because they use a traditional page layout.


ReadyMag allows you to publish your own digital stories without any knowledge of coding or design. Your story is displayed in a single-page carousel layout that makes it easy for readers to follow.


It uses the full-width of the page to display content. The page is clutterless with no sidebars or navigation bars to distract the reader. The carousel arrow takes the reader from page to page with ease. The menu icon works like a table of contents, so that readers always know where they are in a story.


All you need is content for your digital story. The easy-to-use user interface will do the rest. No coding or design skills are needed. This saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on telling your story.


You can also choose from different design templates. These templates are clean, modern and beautiful. They come with an array of stylistic web fonts to choose from.


When you publish your story, it’s automatically multi-device ready. No matter what device your reader is using, they’ll be able to read your story in a friendly format.


ReadyMag is the best way to show and tell your digital story. You can use it for microsites, magazine, portfolios or presentations. No matter what you use it for, the reader will always get the most out of the experience. Take the tour and publish your digital story.


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