CrazyEgg: Discover Where Your Users Are Clicking

What if you could see through the eyes of your user? This is one advantage you need if you want to optimize your website for higher conversion rates.

CrazyEgg is offering you a free 60-day trial to try their heatmap technology. It tracks where on the page users are looking and clicking. This allows you to see which page elements and sections are getting the most attention.


The scrollmap tells you where above the fold and below the fold users spend most of their time. This allows you to place important content in areas with the highest visibility.


The confetti feature gives you a click count based on various criteria. For example, you can see what day of week and time of day gets you the most clicks. You can also see which device and browser gets the most clicks.


The overlay feature gives you detailed information about each click. You can drill down and see whether a particular click is coming more from new or returning users and where they’re referred from.


The list feature shows you what type of elements are getting the most clicks. You can see how effective your layout, links, images and form elements are in getting clicks.


CrazyEgg is offering UX Movement readers an exclusive free 60-day trial. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover where your users are clicking. With so many powerful features, you’re bound to learn something new that will change the way you design.


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