Ptengine: Boost Conversions with Heatmaps

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools on the web. Ptengine is just like it, except it can track user engagement through heatmaps.

It’s important to know what users are looking at and clicking on each page. The insights you get from using Ptengine will allow you to boost your conversion rate.

Click and Scroll Heatmaps

The more clicks an area gets, the hotter your heatmap becomes. The orange and red spots are the hottest areas that get the most clicks. The blue and green get the least.

In the example below, the circled content gets the most clicks, but only 25% scrolled that low to see it. If we moved that content to the top of the page, it would get more engagement. Knowing what users are clicking the most allows us to place content in more visible areas to increase conversions.


Attention Heatmap

You can also see which area of the page the user is paying the most attention to. If you’re selling boots, it’s easy to see which pair get the most attention. You can then arrange your more attractive products in areas where users can get to them easier.


Segment Your Heatmap

You can also see how different segments of your users interact with pages. The example below shows the difference between american and british users.

We can see that more visitors from the UK scrolled down further than Americans, but were less engaged. We can see that less americans scrolled down, but were far more engaged. Segmenting different users gives you insight on how to design for a worldwide audience.


Share Your Heatmaps

It’s easy to collaborate with your team when you can share your heatmaps. Just copy and paste the URL and show other team members the insights you see.


Try Ptengine for Free

Ptengine is free to use in a limited capacity and has affordable pricing plans for everyone. Start using heatmaps to boost conversions and sign up for free.


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