FullStory: Analyze Your Site from a User’s Eye View

What if you could see what your users saw when they had trouble using your site? You would be able to refine and redesign your site to better meet their needs. This superpower was never available until now.


FullStory gives you a user’s eye view of what happens on your site by recording every user interaction. It’s like a DVR to watch each user’s personal site experience. It captures every interaction during their visit from mouse movements to clicks. No longer do you have to guess what they’re experiencing. Now you can experience it from their point of view.

Benefits of a User’s Eye View

When you look through your user’s eyes, you’re able to measure how simple, efficient and useful your site is. You can see where users are making mistakes. You can see how long it takes them to complete a task. You can see which features they’re ignoring and using.


High-Fidelity Playback

When watching user interactions, you get the highest fidelity playback possible. FullStory records the DOM and its assets, not pixels, to produce the perfect playback. Even single-page apps, dynamic URLs and A/B tests are captured exactly as your customer saw them.


Visual Search

FullStory records every type of interaction including clicked links, visited pages and text edits. You can find sessions by the type of interaction you’re looking for through its visual search.


It’s visual search displays results in graphs. They come in the form of trend lines, funnels, pie charts and more. They’re presented in an intelligent way based on the segment you’re viewing. You never have to build a chart of your findings from scratch again.

1-Step Setup

The setup takes no time at all. All it takes is placing one small snippet of code on your site. You don’t have to manually tag any page elements or events. FullStory captures everything automatically, right out of the box.

Collaboration Integration

FullStory offers built-in sharing features that are integrated with Slack and HipChat. This makes it easy for everyone to take part in improving the user experience. Data no longer has to stay locked up with that one overworked analyst on your team.

Free Trial for You & Your Team

Get your team on board and sign up for a free 2-week trial for you and 20 teammates. Stop struggling to put yourself in your users’ shoes. Start looking at your site through their eyes.


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