The Fastest Email Confirmation Field for Signup Forms

Email is always a required data field on signup forms. It’s the linchpin that holds an account together. After creating an account, the user is emailed a link to verify their identity. If they forget their password, they’re emailed a link to reset it. Mistyping the email field means they can’t access their account.

Traditional signup forms make users type their email address in two separate text fields to catch mistyped input. This approach is problematic because it forces more typing and increases typos.

Most email addresses are long with various characters. The user could easily make typos on either text field and will have to correct them. Correcting input requires extra physical effort and increases task time. Not only that, if the form is mobile, it’s even tougher to correct typos due to a tiny keyboard.

A double confirmation field is a terrible approach to confirming email input. A far better way is to use the one-click email confirmation field.

Confirm in One Click

The purpose of the confirmation is to help users spot their typos so they won’t accidentally enter an incorrect email. Therefore, you need a way to ensure users will check their input after they type it. How can you do this without physically being next to the user? The answer lies in a confirm button and read-only field.

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