One-Click vs. Two-Field Email Confirmation: Which Is Faster?

The one-click email confirmation field is the new and improved way to confirm emails on signup forms. It’s far faster and easier to interact with than the double email confirmation field. But just how much quicker is it?

We’ll use the Keystroke-Level Model (KLM) to analyze task time and predict how long it takes users to confirm their email. First, we’ll analyze both approaches without an input error and then analyze them with an input error.

Keep in mind the task times are estimations only and assume the user is an average skilled typist, not interrupted during the task, and has a system with instantaneous response time.

  • The operators we’ll use are:
  • Typing text in a text field – (2.32s)
  • Mental preparation – This is the mental work users do for a step in the task, such as making a decision or scanning elements (1.35s)
  • Point and click – This is pointing at a target and click it with the mouse (1.2s)
  • Homing – This is moving the hands from mouse to keyboard or keyboard to mouse (0.4s)
  • Pressing a key – (0.2s)

Task Time with No Input Error

The task time on the double confirm field is about 1.32 seconds longer than the one-click field. A longer time is expected because the user has to type their email twice. The number of seconds could increase the more characters there are in an email. This estimation is for simple emails with minimal characters.

The one-click confirm field doesn’t require users to retype their email, but they must click the confirm button. Pointing and clicking a button does not take as long as typing text in a text field. On average, it’s about twice as fast.

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  1. Bogdan Reply

    True but not entirely. The email address should be confirmed from the email client, and that will take some time and cognitive load for the average user. This method is important for proving email authenticity and is something standard in the industry now, but in terms of overall signup speed it cannot be faster. Thanks.

    • anthony Reply

      You misunderstand, this approach isn’t an email client confirmation for authenticity. The field confirmation only provides users with a visual change of their input which happens instantly.

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