Why You Should Learn UI/UX Design with Springboard

There’s often confusion between what user experience and the user interface is. They sound the same, but the UI is not the UX. The user interface is the tool and medium that shapes the user experience. When you design the UI, you have direct influence on the UX.

UX designers need to learn UI design so they can communicate their insights in accurate detail to get project stakeholders on board with their vision. Clear UI communication makes it easier for companies to create excellent experiences for their users.

A great way to learn UI design is to take Springboard’s UI/UX Design Career Track. Their UI/UX Design Career Track is a 9-month online course that allows you to learn at your own pace. They provide you with a support team that includes a student advisor, mentor, community manager, and career coach.

They’re so committed to your success that they’ll offer you a full refund if you don’t get a job within six months of the course completion.

What You’ll Learn

Not only will you learn the foundations of UX research and planning, but you’ll learn the foundations of UI design. This includes:

  • Visual design principles
  • UI patterns
  • Brand design
  • Style guides
  • Design systems
  • Sketching/wireframing
  • Hi-fidelity mockups
  • Prototyping & testing

Job Preparation

Their curriculum is designed to prepare you for your job. You’ll be assigned real-world industry projects from companies and accelerator programs to help build your portfolio. No other UI/UX online courses offer this.

Their career material will teach you how to craft a winning resume, ace interviews, and negotiate salary. Your career coach will offer feedback and provide personalized tips based on your goals.

Springboard’s UI/UX Career Track

If you want to improve your UX skills and develop UI skills, go to their course page to learn more about their curriculum. You’ll also be able to request a detailed syllabus, hear testimonials from past students, and find out if their program is right for you.


Applications are now open with new cohorts starting at the beginning of each month. Springboard also offers a range of payment options from monthly repayments to deferred tuition. This way, you can begin repaying tuition costs when you start your new job.

As a UX Movement reader, you can get $750 off tuition when apply with the code: UXMOVEMENT750

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  1. Shushma Shah Reply

    Great article. It helped me make my decision to go to Springboard over the others. However the discount code doesn’t work…do you have an updated one? Thanks!

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