UX Career Track: A Bootcamp to Get Your UX Career on Track

Have you thought about changing careers to becoming a UX designer? Springboard’s UX Career Track will prepare you to make that transition in 6 months—with a job guaranteed.


The UX Career Track is unlike other UX design courses that are shorter in duration and have no job guarantee. It offers real-world industry projects you can show off in a unique portfolio and covers advanced topics that go beyond the basics, including UX for emerging technologies like voice interfaces.


Students will have an industry expert assigned as their personal mentor with whom they’ll have weekly one-on-one calls. They’ll also have a career coach who will help them with their resume, interviews, and career path.

Their bootcamp is also less expensive than others on the market, many of which don’t offer one-on-one mentorship, career services, or a job guarantee.


Apply for the UX Career Track

Get your UX career on track and apply for the UX Career Track. Once you submit your application, you’ll receive a take-home challenge to test your aptitude for the design process. If you pass the challenge, you’ll be one of the few applicants to secure a spot.

Apply for UX Career Track

The course is designed for people with adjacent skills from a few backgrounds: visual design, coding, marketing, and research. Springboard recommends that candidates have a bachelor’s degree or higher (in any subject). If you don’t have one, you’re welcome to apply with the understanding that not having a degree may be a barrier to landing certain roles.




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