Qualaroo: Conduct User Testing Within Your Mockups

How easy would user testing be if you could gather user feedback right within your mockup? Users would be able to tell you what they think within the context and flow of their scenarios. The result is in-depth and relevant insights at a rapid pace.


Qualaroo recently launched Nudge for Prototypes, a feature designed to help you gather insight within your prototypes. It’s compatible with mockups on Figma, InVision, AdobeXD, Axure, Marvel, and most custom URLs.

All you have to do is set up user research questions with Qualaroo, then enter the URL for your mockup/prototype. Share the link Qualaroo generates with user testers and stakeholders. They’ll be able to engage with your prototype and answer your research questions as they carry out and complete tasks. Then you can use the Qualaroo dashboard to analyze the data and make design decisions accordingly.


By verifying your design decisions with Qualaroo, you’ll ensure your interface meets user expectations and needs before deployment. This approach saves you time and money by preventing design mistakes before they’re released.

Conduct user testing within your mockups by signing up for a free 14-day trial of Qualaroo’s Nudge.

Try Qualaroo’s nudge for free




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