Loop11: Online Usability Testing in Minutes

Are you making the best design decisions on your site? If you don’t know how users are using your site, you probably aren’t.

Seeing how users use your site allows you to see actual usability problems that come up. This allows you to make design decisions based on real-life user experience. Many designers design for pseudo-problems they think could happen in their head. This approach leads to problems persisting.


Most companies don’t want to do usability testing because they think you need a lot of time and money. The truth is that you don’t when you use an online usability testing tool like Loop11.

Task Completion Data

Loop11 is the leading online usability testing tool for gathering quantitative and qualitative data. You can use it to test an existing site or a working prototype. It integrates with many of the best prototyping tools on the market such as Axure, Justinmind and InVision.


It’s simple to set up and use. You start by creating tasks that you want to test users on. The tasks are displayed on the dashboard with success, fail and abandon rate statistics. Users will get prompted with the specific task when they enter the testing site.

Clickstream Analysis

After the user finishes, you can view a clickstream of what pages they clicked on to complete their task. You’re able to see where their successes and failures are so that you can optimize your page flow.


Video Sessions and Surveys

You can also watch video sessions of their task performance. This can give you insight on what part of the page made them fail or abandon their task. To get qualitative data, you can create surveys that users can answer after the test.


Try Loop11 for Free

Loop11 is one of the cheapest tools to run multiple usability testing studies. At $199 per month, you can run an unlimited number of tests with hundreds of participants in your studies. Many other tools only allow for about five participants in a single test.

Try Loop11 for free and use real user experience data to help you make better design decisions.





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