Hotjar: All-In-One Heatmaps and Feedback Tool

Imagine being able to see what area of your site users interact with the most. Wouldn’t this make your job easier? That’s what heatmaps allow designers to see.



Hotjar polled their users and found that heatmaps was their most attractive feature. Heatmaps allows you to measure user engagement. You can see what page elements users are clicking on and interacting with the most. Then you can use that information to test and modify your designs to get users clicking what you want.

Click & Tap Heatmaps

Hotjar offers 3 types of heatmaps. The first type shows where users click their cursor on desktop devices, and tap their finger on mobile devices.


Move Heatmaps

The second type shows where users move their mouse on the screen. This gives a good indication of where they’re looking on the page.


Scroll Heatmaps

The third type shows you how far down the page users are scrolling. It tells you the exact number of users that scroll to a page level.


Heatmap Metrics

What’s even more impressive than their heatmaps feature is what you can test with them. There are 8 page metrics you can test. Each of them will give you actionable ways to improve your pages.


Session Playbacks

Users exit sites for many unknown reasons. Hotjar’s session playback feature allows you to view a video recording of their visit on your site. You can see where and how they moved their mouse and figure out why they abandoned the page.



There are certain areas of your site that matter more than others. Funnels allow you to target a flow of pages that lead to your conversion rate goal. This will show you which step in the flow you’re seeing the most dropoffs.



Discover Why They Abandoned

If you’re getting a high abandonment rate on a page, you can use their polls feature to get user feedback. You can set these polls to appear on exit or when the user scrolls halfway down the page.


Discover Why They Signed up

If you’re getting a high conversion rate on a page, you can poll users after they sign up. This allows you to gather feedback on what’s driving your subscriptions and sales. The poll displays the results in a word cloud for a clear, visual representation.



You can go deeper than polls and get in-depth feedback with the surveys feature. Find out which pages are giving users trouble and which ones are driving their interest.


Sign Up for Free

You can start using all these attractive features by signing up for a free account. Hotjar also offers an affordable Pro version that allows you to target unlimited users and manage unlimited sites.


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