Free eBook: A Guide to Agile Usability Testing

There’s no better way to get insight on users than testing your user interface on them. Usability testing is a necessary part of the process. But it’s not always easy integrating it into an Agile project. This free eBook, “The Essential Guide to Integrating UX and Usability Testing in Agile”, offers some useful tips.


The eBook explains how the Scrum method works, and how you can integrate UX with it. It dispels common myths on usability testing and offers tips for testing in an Agile process. You will get tips on how to do remote automated testing, and what metrics you should test for.

It includes a case study on how Autodesk was able to integrate usability testing into their AutoCAD product development process. Download the free eBook by filling out the form, and learn how to gather user data in less than 2 weeks through agile usability testing.


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