Free .design Domain Name for Your Side Project

What are you working on? If it’s a project involving any aspect of design, you need to get a .design domain name for it. The .design domain name is the official signature for design-related sites.


Big brands are using it such as facebook.design, airbnb.design, uber.design, adobe.design, amazon.design, booking.design, etc. They’re using it to create design systems, resource libraries, content marketing, and case studies.

It’s no secret that .design domains are trending, but there are still plenty of domain names available. Get yours with Porkbun and you’ll get the first year free. Yearly renewals will only be $35 instead of the $70 offered at most registrars.

Ready to start a great side project with your .design domain name?

Get Free .Design Domain

To claim your free domain:

  1. Search for your domain name
  2. Click the pink + icon on the desired domain
  3. Click the checkout button & complete the checkout process




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