ExchangeRatesAPI: Convert Your Prices to Foreign Currencies for Free

Online shopping has become an international phenomenon. Users from all over the world now go online to buy their favorite products.

A common UX issue international users face is not knowing how much a product and shipping costs because they are in a foreign currency. Stores that don’t convert their currencies give off the impression that they don’t accommodate international users. They won’t buy because they feel alienated and don’t want to risk losing money or getting bad service.

If you run an online store and haven’t converted your prices to foreign currencies, you’re losing many international customers. Local customers are only a small slice of the pie for your business. Opening your store up to customers all over the world allows you to get the whole pie.

To do this, you need to convert your prices to foreign currencies using ExchangeRatesAPI. You can use this API in any app written in any language. The API gives users a better shopping experience because they’re able to see exact conversion rates.

Developers could build their own codebase that checks the appropriate bank and country websites for exchange rates. However, this takes a lot of time and would require developing custom code for each data source. ExchangeRatesAPI provides a single source to access all exchange rate data that’s updated in real-time.

Free API Key

Local shopping is gradually becoming a thing of the past. It’s time for all online stores to accommodate international users. Get a free API key from ExchangeRatesAPI to start displaying accurate prices to your user’s local currency.

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