Optimal UI: Insanely Intuitive Components All in One Kit

Do you feel like designing an interface takes too much time? Are you constantly debating between different design decisions? Many designers run into these issues because they aren’t using an intuitive UI kit.

Optimal UI changes all this. This UI kit can cut your production time by hundreds of hours when you work within the design system. Not only that, but it’ll help you maintain a consistent and uniform look across all your designs.

What’s unique about Optimal UI is how every component is optimized for task performance. You’re not going to get a bloat of styles and variations that are suboptimal to the user experience. Instead, you’re only going to get the optimal version of each interface component. As a result, you’ll no longer waste time debating what’s the best way to design something.

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Component Libraries Include

  • Form Input Components
  • Content Components
  • Navigation Components
  • Alert and Indicator Components
  • Icon Set
  • Breakpoint Screens
  • Annotation Markers

Preview the UI Kit in Figma

Accessible Out-of-the-Box

There’s no need to adjust the colors of components because they’re already optimized. All text labels and visual cues are legible and clear to normal-visioned and visually impaired users. As a result, every component is readable and usable without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Magical Proportions

The components use magical proportions for spacing and sizing that are in harmony with the golden ratio. Multiples of six are used because six is a perfect number where the sum of all its divisors equals the number itself. Any multiple of six divided by two or three will always equal a whole number.

Variants and Auto Layout

Each component has variants that enable you to activate states, icons, and switch sizes or types. Every variant you need is baked into the component and only a click away.

Auto layout is also baked in, enabling you to scale components without breaking the layout. Component frames adapt to their contents so you can add and resize elements without rearranging everything.

Smarter Color Styles

Optimal UI’s color system is different than other UI kits because each color has utility and serves a purpose. You won’t find hundreds of useless color palettes here. Instead, there are thirteen colors for the light and dark mode. The colors are all named by their intended usage so that you know how to use them. The light and dark mode color names mirror each other so that you can easily convert themes without effort.

Free Automatic Updates

Optimal UI will continue to grow and evolve with new components and variants. You’ll get free automatic updates through Figma team libraries. Just review and accept the updates without downloading a thing.

Licenses for Everyone

Standard License ($129 $87) — For the solo designer, developer, freelancer, etc.

Small Team License ($369 $247)— For a small team of up to 6 members.

Big Team License ($699 $477)— For a big team of up to 12 members.

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