Light Freelancer: Every Document for Any Project

Picture yourself as a client who hired a freelance designer for a project. This freelancer has good design skills, but doesn’t handle project logistics well. If this freelancer is you, clients won’t want to do business with you again. Freelancing isn’t just about doing the work, it’s also about managing the client.

Every project has logistics that you have to discuss to comfort the client. Not only that, but you also have to protect yourself, and get paid for your work. Problems happen when client expectations aren’t met and expectations aren’t set.

What you can do to prevent these problems is to set client expectations from start with proper documentation. Light Freelancer is a package of four editable documents that’ll help you do that for every project.

  1. Project Agreement
  2. Project Cost Estimate
  3. Project Work Hours
  4. Project Invoice

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Project Agreement

Before the project begins, you and your client have to agree on certain things. This includes confidentiality, responsibilities, revisions and payment. You also have to protect yourself from litigation if a client sues you. The Project Agreement protects you from client issues with each term. It’s a contract that’s written without legal jargon so that both you and your clients can understand it.

Project Cost Estimate

Clients won’t feel comfortable starting a project without knowing how much they have to spend. It’s your job to learn about their goals, and give them an estimate for your services. The Project Cost Estimate explains each deliverable you’re going to do and the estimated cost.

Project Work Hours

After the project kicks off, it’s time to work. The work you anticipated and the work you do in actuality are different things. You won’t know the difference unless you record your work time. The Project Work Hours tracks the hours you spend on deliverables, revisions and meetings.

Project Invoice

Once the client is happy with the deliverables, it’s time to bill them for your services. Clients need to know exactly what they’re paying for, so that they aren’t confused with the costs. The Project Invoice shows how many versions and meetings there were for each deliverable.

Technical Specifications

  • Open Sans Light typeface
  • ¼ pixel lines
  • Light outline icons
  • Uses minimal printer ink
  • Designed on a guided grid
  • CYMK print ready colors
  • Fits on US Letter or A4 paper
  • Vector format and editable
  • For Illustrator, Omnigraffle & Sketch

Get it for only $10



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