Swipe Navigation: A Faster Way to Navigate Mobile Screens

How often do you click the back button on your mobile device? Users frequently click the back button to navigate interfaces. Since mobile devices have limited screen space, designers will divide their content across screens to make everything fit.

As a result, users must constantly press the back button to navigate mobile apps. Doing this can cause click fatigue and slow users down in their tasks. Instead of always relying on a back button, you should look for ways to decrease user effort and make navigation faster.

Here’s an interface that forces users to click back and forth to view the data for each credit card. On the home screen, they click the card they want to view. The next screen displays the data and transactions for that card. Users must click the back button whenever they want to view data for another card.

This traditional navigation requires a lot of physical and cognitive effort from users. They have to target the credit card and back button in each interaction, which involves click accuracy. Since the click targets are in different screen areas, they’ll also have to move their finger a lot.

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