How to Get Personal Data from Users on Forms Easier

Getting users to complete your form when asking for personal data is a challenge. Most won’t give that out because they’re afraid of spammers and hackers. But if you ask for it the right way, users are more than willing to give it to you.

Some data you ask for the user can expect, such as name and email on sign up. But asking for data like phone number, birthday and gender can leave users wondering why.

Users will question why you need this information because it goes beyond basic identification. If there isn’t an explanation, they’ll feel uncomfortable and abandon your form.


When asking users for unexpected personal data, use an infield information button. The button should open a tooltip that explains the reason you’re asking for this data. Once users understand why you’re asking for that data, they’re more willing to give it to you.

Asking for personal data isn’t a problem. The problem is when you ask for it without giving them an explanation. Forms that do this will suffer a high abandonment rate. But forms that give users the explanation they’re looking for, will also give users a reason to complete it.



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