Why Your Cards Need a Footer for Metadata

List format is a popular way to display data, but it’s not ideal for cards. Users need to scan cards to find what they’re looking for fast. If all they see is a list of data, it’ll be hard for them to recognize what makes each card different.

Every card has a hierarchy of data. There’s the primary data and then metadata. Primary data is the content itself, while metadata are details that describe the content to give it more context.

Instead of displaying metadata in a list format, you should put it in the footer of the card. The footer makes it easier for users to distinguish the content characteristics influencing their selection.

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  1. Steve Reply

    I think there’s more context missing here. The alignment of the left aligned list items makes it hard to read (no distinction between label and value), it would be fine with some proper alignment, and/or some visual differences between the labels and values.

    The problem with the tabs at the bottom is that they look like tabs, and it only works if there is a consistent set of values (3-5 max) to display and they have short, concise values… what if the car lists lots of features? A/C, sunroof, color, keyless entry, or is electrical and those current categories don’t apply? (Eg MPG)

    That all said, I’m all for providing a more clear and concise UI to users! Always looking for better options.

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