Prevent Duplicate Orders with Progress Buttons

Imagine a user placing an order on an e-commerce website. They get to the checkout page and accidentally click the ‘order’ button twice. Now they just got billed double for the same order, and they’re not happy with the merchant.


You can’t change the clicking habits of users, but you can change what happens when users double-click the call to action. A progress button will help you avoid this mess. They prevent duplicate orders by disabling the button after the first click. It displays a progress bar over the button to let users know their order is processing. Users get clear and immediate feedback, so they won’t feel the need to click the button again.

Why Users Double-Click Buttons

There are many reasons users double-click “order” buttons. Some web pages load slowly after the first click. This wait time could make users wonder whether the click registered. They’ll end up clicking the button again to make sure. By then, they’ll have already submitted the form more than once.

Research shows that many older users (aged 50+) have a habit of double-clicking buttons. This habit leads to duplicate “add to cart” actions. Users have to then go through the trouble of removing the extra items from their cart on the checkout page. If users don’t notice the duplicate orders, they could accidentally check out without knowing.

Double Trouble

Duplicate form submissions don’t just happen on e-commerce websites. They can occur when users pay bills online, send messages, or download files. No one wants to go through the trouble of correcting duplicate actions. And sometimes the consequences are irreversible. It’s up to you to prevent duplicate form submissions from happening. Save users the hassle and frustration by putting a progress button on it.

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