8 Best Resources for Interface Icons

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Nothing can make a text link more clear and elegant than placing a relevant icon next to it. Icons serve multiple purposes on a user interface. They not only make your interface look more attractive, but they’re also useful for making certain text links easier to recognize and understand. As an interface designer, you’ll find yourself looking everywhere for high-quality icons you can use on your designs. But look no further. Here are eight sites that give you all the icons you could ever need. Each site is unique in their own right, so check them out to find the right icons that suit your particular interface.

1. IcoMoon

Icomoon is a one-stop shop for common icons used on most interfaces. What’s unique about it is the way it lets you choose and download all the icons you need all at one time, instead of downloading each icon separately. You can also adjust the size of the icons before you download them.

2. IcoMonstr

IcoMonster is a large collection of simple icons that you can download as PNG or SVG. It gives you a large view of each icon and offers multiple pictographic variations for each icon. You’re also able to view icons by user popularity.

3. The Noun Project

The Noun Project also gives you a large view of the icons, but it has even more variations you can choose from. Its got the most icons out of any other resource. And it’s well-organized by different categories so that you’ll always find the icon you want no matter what kind of project you’re working

4. Fontello

Fontello allows you to select and download all the icons you need all at one time and adjust their sizes. Except when you download them, it gives the icons to you as a web font instead of images.

5. Copy Paste Character

Copy Paste Character allows you to copy and paste special characters found on your computer’s typefaces and use them as icons.

6. Icon Finder

Icon Finder is the largest icon search engine with over 200,000 icons to search from. Type in the icon you’re looking for and you’ll find an array of choices in different styles, sizes and colors.

7. Icons Guide

Icons Guide bring you a variety of high-quality icon sets designed by professional designers. High-quality icons come at a price, but many of them also offer free icon sets as well.

8. Testico

Testico allows you to upload your icon, preview and download them in different sizes formatted for the iPhone, iPad and app store.


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5 Responses to “8 Best Resources for Interface Icons”

  1. Gautam Lakum

    Oct 25th, 2012

    Thanks dude!
    Just started using pencil and paper to design UX. This post really helped me for that. Now getting idea how should I create icons. :)

  2. Catalin Cimpanu

    Oct 27th, 2012

    You should visit icondeposit.com as well. Very large freebies database.

  3. Vincent

    Nov 21st, 2012

    Check this comprehensive list too: http://www.agiledesigners.com/resources/icons

    More than 50 icons resources listed, and sorted by popularity

  4. Serkan

    Dec 28th, 2012

    look at this -> http://findicons.com/

  5. Pablo

    Sep 30th, 2013

    Soon you shall hear of this: http://www.flaticon.com

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