8 Best User Interface Guidelines for Desktop and Mobile Apps

Have you ever wondered how much detail goes into designing a desktop or mobile interface? These user interface guidelines will give you insight into how the top tech companies design.

They explain pixel specifications, naming conventions, best practices and other standardized methods they use to design their user interfaces. By adopting a systematic approach to design, these companies are able to deliver a stable and consistent user experience on all their devices.



Apple Human Interface Guidelines

Microsoft Windows UX Guide (PDF Download)

GNOME Human Interface Guidelines

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines



iPhone Human Interface Guidelines

UI Design Guide for Windows Phone 7 (PDF Download)


Android User Interface Guidelines

Palm User Interface Guidelines



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  1. Oli Reply

    Blackberry UIG are available for download at

    I can’t tell if it counts as „best“ …

  2. Chris Reply

    Thanks for this. I’ve compiled a list of mobile specific UI Guidelines here: if anyone is interested.

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