Starting up a Company with Steve Jobs

Many say that Steve Jobs was the best CEO ever. One would have a hard time arguing that he wasn’t after seeing what he did to start NeXT in the mid 1980s. Starting a company is a lot of hard work. What made Jobs a great CEO was not only that he was willing to put in the long hours, but also that he cared so deeply about the products he created.

Most CEOs show care for their product by throwing money and people at it. Jobs showed his care by throwing his own mind, body and soul at it. There are many skills you need as a CEO, but the one thing that Jobs had more than anyone else was the deepest care for the products he created.

In turn, this increased the level of care that others had on the product. And that’s the key difference between starting an average company and starting a great one. You can see and feel how much he cared by watching these rare and raw videos of him at NeXT.

This first video shows Jobs with the great graphic designer Paul Rand as the $100,000 NeXT logo is finally revealed. It also shows his interactions with his team at a company retreat as they plan to release their NeXT product.

Steve Jobs gives an internal presentation of the vision and direction of NeXT to his company employees.

Steve Jobs demoing NeXTOS.

Steve Jobs demoing interpersonal computing.

Steve Jobs on the future of objects.



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  1. Brian Reply

    Thanks for compiling these.
    My blog pet peeve is when people post a series of images and posts and comment on each, but it’s indistinguishable if a comment sandwiched in between 2 items relate to the prior video or the next video.
    I didn’t expect you to make that mistake. 😉

  2. ddd Reply

    100k for a shity logo! any student with paint can do better 🙂

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