UX Design Career Track: Transition into a Role in 6 Months

Have you been thinking about transitioning into a UX role? Maybe you’re someone with limited experience who doesn’t have a solid portfolio to show prospective employers. If this is you, Springboard’s UX Design Career Track has got you covered.

Project Based Learning

Many people learn best through practice and application. Rather than just teach concept after concept, UX Design Career Track offers project based learning so you can practice and apply the concepts you learn to real-world projects.


In their curriculum, you’ll complete a capstone project and an industry design project. These are projects where you solve real business problems that will help you build a solid portfolio. This student was able to build her portfolio with Springboard’s UX course project.

Finding a Mentor Has Never Been Easier

Mentorship is hard to find if you don’t know many people in the field. Look no more because UX Design Career Track is a mentor led bootcamp.

They’ll assign you an industry expert who you’ll have weekly 1:1 calls with to help you go through the course. These are experts from top Fortune 500 companies you’ll get insights from. Take a look at some mentor profiles.


Shorten the Job Search Process

Breaking into the field is a challenge if you have little to no experience. UX Design Career Track makes the job search process shorter and easier for you by providing you a career coach. Career coaches will help you with your resume, portfolio, interviews, and overall career path.


Your New Career Transition Awaits

The road to becoming a UX designer or researcher is in front of you and UX Design Career Track is the roadmap to getting there.

It’s a 6 months course that will prepare you for your new career transition. On top of that, they offer a job guarantee after you complete the course. If you’re still not convinced, check out their student success stories.

Their next cohort begins February 4th. Deadline for applications is January 22nd so take the first step into transitioning and start your application as soon as possible.




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