Placeit: App Demo Video Templates for App Marketing

Every app marketing strategy needs an app demo video. Showing your app being used in context can attract customers and get them to download it.

This isn’t easy to do if you’re not a professional videographer. Placeit has figured out how you can create app demo videos and mockups of your apps without doing any video editing.

They have 140 app demo video templates for different devices. You can choose between templates that tell a user story or ones of someone just using the app.


All you do is choose a template, and record up to 1 minute of the app interaction you want to demo. Placeit will convert your clicks to the hand gestures you see in the video. You can also export your video to Youtube to add sound or do additional editing.

They also offer mockup templates. Just upload a screenshot of your app and they’ll do the image processing to create a professional image of your app.

Their small size videos are free, even for commercial usage. The standard license is $99. There’s a video subscription plan which includes 3 HD videos and 3 high resolution image downloads for $199 per month.


Market your app in a more professional way to your audience. Use Placeit to show off your app with their app demo videos and mockup templates to get a look that sells.


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