HotJar: All-in-One Platform for User Research

Do you know how users are using your website? If not, you’re missing valuable opportunities to convert them into paying customers. With so many page elements, it’s hard to know what’s keeping users from signing up. That’s why you need a user research tool that tells you where users are abandoning your website.


HotJar is an all-in-one platform for user research. It’s all-in-one because it offers heatmaps, feedback polls, online surveys, form analysis, visitor recordings, live chat and user test recruiting within a single app. Other user research tools charge hundreds per month to use their app with limited features. HotJar has a simple affordable plan of $29 per month that allows you to gather insights from unlimited websites and users.



See where users are clicking, tapping, swiping and scrolling on each web page. This gives you insight on what’s motivating users to act and what’s not.

Feedback Polls

Most users won’t speak up when there’s something bothering them. But a feedback poll is a simple way for them to tell you what they think of your website.

Online Surveys

You can build your own surveys and invite users to fill them out just before they abandon your site. This allows you to uncover any objections and concerns they have that caused them to leave.

Form Analysis

Improve your form conversion rates by discovering which fields users are leaving blank or making mistakes on. With form analysis, you can see why users are abandoning your form.

Visitor Recordings

See how users are moving their mouse and what they’re clicking on each page with visitor recordings. It also records how users are moving their finger and what they’re tapping on mobile sites.

Live Chat

Live chat gives you the power to talk to the users who visit your website. This is an easy way to help users find what they’re looking for or answer any questions they have about your site.

User Test Recruiting

Need participants for user testing? You can recruit them right from your site. Collect their contact information and offer them a gift in exchange for their help.

Free Beta Access

No other user research tool offers so much in one package. Go to HotJar and sign up for free beta access. This is a great opportunity to test drive their app and learn how users are using your website. The insight you get is what will help you design websites that turn users into customers.


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