User Experience T-Shirts for the Community

Are you passionate about UX? What better way to show off your passion than to wear a professionally designed T-shirt that expresses what UX is about.

The T-shirts below make different compelling statements about UX and are all designed by me. I’ve partnered with Teespring for screen printing and delivery. The material is 100% combed ringspun cotton and feels softer than the regular, run-of-the-mill T-shirts. All proceeds will help support UX Movement.


There’s often confusion between UX and UI. This shirt depicts the difference through iconography. UX and UI are part of the same circle, but not the same side.

The shirt represents this with UX on one side of a circle and UI on the other side. The icons along the periphery each symbolize a facet of their respective discipline.

Wearing this shirt means you understand the difference and can explain it to people who ask.



Trust Me, I’m a User Experience Designer

Trust is a key factor when it comes to user experience design. It’s needed to sway your clients and team to follow your design recommendations. But others can’t trust you if you don’t trust yourself first.

This shirt empowers you to trust your design skills and experience. The icons around the words represent UX and are common to user interfaces.

Wearing this shirt means you trust yourself as a designer and that others should trust you too.



I Love UX

The “I Love NY” shirts are iconic. But this shirt is for those who love user experience more than New York. The letters “UX” are the perfect substitute for “NY” to capture your love in a classic design.

Wearing this shirt means you’re passionate about what you do which is rare. This will help you stand out from the crowd in a positive way.



Your Website vs My Website

What’s the key difference between a good and bad website? It’s the simplicity and clarity of the content layout. This shirt illustrates that with wireframes.

One overwhelms users with carousel slides, dropdown menus, buttons, links and text. The other displays content in a clear and deferential way.

Wearing this shirt means that you believe good user experience is what makes a good website.



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