Clear Visual Cues for the Perfect File Uploader

Sharing and sending media is quite common on interfaces. However, users need to use the file uploader component to accomplish this task. They often find file uploaders frustrating to use because the visual cues aren’t clear. There are several cues you need to get right to make your file uploader intuitive.

The first cue is the correct mouse cursor when users drag an item. They also need a drop zone cue to indicate where they can drop the item. Then they need a cue to signify the adding of items. This affordance is so users can use the file explorer to upload instead of drag-and-drop.

Not only that, but they also need to know the maximum file size they can upload and the accepted file formats. After a file is uploaded, users need visual feedback of the uploaded file and a button to remove it.

Most file uploaders do a poor job of representing these cues. But when you express them clearly, users will no longer get frustrated using your file uploader.

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