The Magic of Dark Mode Color Tinting

Many designers are hesitant to implement a dark mode because they think it’ll compromise their brand’s visuals. After all, dark mode is just a combination of gray shades.

However, with the magic of color tinting, you can brand your dark mode and boost its visual appeal. Instead of using default grays, your grays will have a subtle color tint. As a result, those plain grays will no longer look dull and lifeless. They’ll embrace your brand color and provide users with a richer user experience.

When you apply color tinting to your dark mode, the look and feel of the entire interface will change. Users won’t feel like they’re on every other app with the same default color style.

Instead, they’ll feel like they’re using a unique app tailored to a brand. Improving the user’s perception of your interface will increase their overall engagement and satisfaction.

In the following sections, you’ll learn how to create a dark mode and apply a color tint to each shade.

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