Hand and Arrow Cursor Image for Your Wireframes

by on 08/29/13 at 8:25 am

Sometimes when you’re wireframing your interface, you’ll want to show what happens when users hover their mouse cursor over a particular element. This is where an image of a hand or arrow cursor comes in handy. However, most hand and arrow cursor images found on the web are the wrong size, not transparent, poorly pixellated or just don’t look right. Here’s a perfect transparent image of a hand and arrow cursor you can use on your wireframes. Simply drag the image into your mockup tool or right-click and save the image.




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3 Responses to “Hand and Arrow Cursor Image for Your Wireframes”

  1. Mathieu Brault

    Aug 29th, 2013

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Donya Inman

    Aug 29th, 2013

    So true. This will be useful for many. Thanks for the quick resource.

  3. Holger Maassen

    Dec 11th, 2013

    Always helpful.
    If someone is looking for such images for mobile – I designed a collection of icons:

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