Dash: Build Custom Dashboards with Your Personal Data

by on 10/14/14 at 8:01 am

Tired of opening new tabs and logging into different accounts to get all the information you need? Having all your personal data on a dashboard would make it less frustrating. You’d be able to view all your information at a glance on one screen.


Dash gives you the power to build your own dashboards with the data you choose. Add widgets from popular web services or custom data sources to your dashboard and get real-time updates. No more opening a bunch of tabs or logging into different accounts to get the information you need.

Share your dashboards with others or keep it private. If you have a business, you can share your dashboards with team members. This will allow everyone to monitor organizational data and stay updated. The widgets even display elegant charts and graphs to help you visualize information.


Feel free to explore different dashboards to get a feel for how they can work for you. Or, sign up free and start building your custom dashboard today.

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One Response to “Dash: Build Custom Dashboards with Your Personal Data”

  1. carl-michael palmstahl

    Nov 5th, 2014

    Dashboards and cards are (hopefully) the wave of the future. Its so UX. Who doesn’t hate ping ponging from app to app? Having a personalized content dash would be so epic. I’ve got some stuff up here in my brain. Gonna go sketch out. 😉

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