23 Things McAfee Learned About User Interface Design

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This article is a few years old, but the tips it offers still hold strong and true today. By designing a user interface that focused on ease of use, McAfee was able to cut their support calls by 90%. That’s a lot of time and money saved for any company. The interesting thing was that by saving the user’s time with their antivirus protection, they were able to save their own time supporting the users. Not investing in usability early means wasting precious time and resources with support later. Not only that, but it also means you have to work to keep up your support quality. Because if you have bad support, your customers could end up never buying one of your products again. By having little to no support to worry about, you won’t risk that chances of giving your customers bad support. Saving time, money and energy are all great reasons to invest in user interface design.

Clean, cutting-edge UI design cuts McAfee’s support calls by 90%

23 Things McAfee Learned About User Interface Design 23 Things McAfee Learned About User Interface Design

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3 Responses to “23 Things McAfee Learned About User Interface Design”

  1. Nick

    Oct 13th, 2010

    Like their current bundling with Adobe. Where’s the option not to install McAffee? It’s not there.

    Forcing software down people’s throats and not allowing them even the chance of opting out is very bad UI design.

  2. Adam K

    Oct 14th, 2010

    That’s not really UI Design. That’s engineering or coding or something else.

  3. Adam K

    Oct 14th, 2010

    (In response to Nick)

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