The Easy Way to Start a User-Friendly Ecommerce Store

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Selling a product is one of the best ways to earn money online. But you need a user-friendly ecommerce store to do that well. Creating one from scratch usually takes a lot of time and effort. That’s no longer the case when you use Shopify.

Embed Ecommerce to an Existing Site

If you already have site, you can add ecommerce functionality to it. All you have to do is embed the code that Shopify generates to display your products and a buy button. Shopify takes care of the rest.


Intuitive CMS

It’s easy to start your online store with their content management system. You have complete control over the look and feel of your store, from its domain name to layout, colors and content. Its dashboard is intuitive for anyone to build their ideal store.


Web Hosting & Analytics

They take care of web hosting for you. You get unlimited bandwidth and you’ll never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your store. You’re also able to see analytics data of your sales, orders and traffic to track your store’s growth.


Themes Designed by Professionals

They offer 100+ themes that are professionally designed by top design agencies. You’ll also have full access to the HTML and CSS of your store so that you can brand and customize every aspect of it. All themes are mobile ready for customers to buy right from their tablet or phone.


Easy to Use Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart comes fully featured with an SSL certificate, payment gateways, order emails, shipping rates and checkout recovery. All credit card transaction information is protected by the same level of security banks use. The checkout forms are easy to fill out because they use infield top aligned labels.


Flexible Product Management

There’s no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online store. Shopify allows you to manage product inventory and track stock counts with ease.

You’re able to offer customers different product variations such as multiple sizes, colors and more. You can also sell digital products that they can order and download right from your store.


Start Your User-Friendly Store

Signing up for Shopify doesn’t require a credit card upfront. At the end of your trial, you can pick a plan and pay if you’re interested. Start the ecommerce store of your dreams and try Shopify free for 14 days.


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