New York City to Change Street Signs from All Caps to Title Case

by on 10/03/10 at 4:08 pm

It seems that someone from the Federal Highway Commission read the article: Why Text in All Caps is Hard for Users to Read. Actually, they probably didn’t. But at least they understand that all caps is harder for people to read. This change will help drivers stay safe by keeping their eyes on the road and not having to squint at signs figuring out what they say. Legibility is important on the internet, but it’s even more important on the streets when people are driving. I’m glad people are paying more attention to design and accessibility on the road. Now, if they could just make the signs light up when it gets dark at night, that would be perfect.

Link to the news story: $27 Million to Change NYC Signs from All Caps

2 Responses to “New York City to Change Street Signs from All Caps to Title Case”

  1. Jez

    Oct 10th, 2010

    Wait, do you really not have lights on signs over there?

  2. Bene

    May 19th, 2011

    haha Jez,

    but I guess the lighting thing will defintely come since low power conspumption leds and alike evolve

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