Win 5 Free Licenses for Notism Prototyping App

by on 08/26/13 at 10:57 am

Notism is giving away 5 licenses (worth $294 each) to UX Movement readers for free. Notism is a design collaboration and prototyping tool for teams to share, discuss and review creative work in a simple and streamlined way. Turn static screens into interactive prototypes and boost your design workflow.


Review design work more effectively with your team

Receive live feedback from team members or stakeholders right where the magic happens and iterate faster. Sign off on design layouts for further development steps or guerilla test your creative work.


Freehand mark your design work

Sometimes it makes more sense to be able to mark directly on the work rather than adding notes. Notism offers several tools for freehand mark up on your designs: pencil, rectangle and circle. You can also choose a line type, width and color.


Create prototypes the easy way

Create working prototypes of your static design templates by setting up hotspots and linking screens. A perfect environment 
to test click-throughs or happy paths.


Gather feedback in real-time

Finally you can collaborate with team members on design work in real-time. You’ll be constantly notified about new comments, notes or upload activities of your team members in the new activity stream.


Add to-dos and get things done

With Notism it’s really easy to assign to-dos to team members. You can also manage your to-dos in lists to keep track of what’s going on in a project and to keep things done instead of losing track.


Sign-off layouts or go back to start

Set up an activity status for each screen in a project. From “in progress” over “for review” to “approved” – keep a better overview on what requires full attention.


Version control your design process

Create different versions of a screen and easily switch between these versions for a better overview of what’s going on in your project. 
Always keep up with the latest improvements and compare iterations 
by flicking through your screen history.


5 Licenses Up for Grabs!

There are 5 Agency licenses good for half a year (worth $294 each) up for grabs. For a chance to win a Notism license, all you have to do is comment on this post below, and tell us how Notism would help your team. We will choose the winners randomly and contact them via email, so leave your name, email and comment for your chance to win!

This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who participated. The winners are:

  • Mark Pragano
  • outwork
  • Danielle Baldwin
  • Sebastian Osses
  • Toms

13 Responses to “Win 5 Free Licenses for Notism Prototyping App”

  1. Leah

    Aug 27th, 2013

    Our team is just starting out. We lack a lot of software packages so we have problems doing a lot of things. I think this would help us to be able to work together and generate prototypes to really show off what our user experience team can do for this company. Better visibility to developer teams and management groups would really help us to grow and help other development teams know what we can really help them with.

  2. Toms

    Aug 29th, 2013

    Our UX team is still new. When we meet with clients, we do a lot of thinking on the product that we need to make. After the meeting, we go home, send all important notes to the client, give them feedback and do our homework. After we meet again and we have to start presenting our findings from the start because one has not done his homework, another is a new to the project and so on.

    Notism would help centralizing our work and give real tasks that need to be accomplished. If new people are introduced, they would easily see all the information. This would make our work much more effective and perhaps we could expand in to hiring another UX specialist.

  3. Mark Progano

    Aug 29th, 2013

    As a team who has a passion for technology and data; we love tech that helps people understand, that gets people excited, that enables people to do more. This tool would be awesome addition to our big tool box, thank you.

  4. Uzziel Milian

    Sep 1st, 2013

    in our team We need to adopt a fast prototyping tool because static mockup isn’t enough these days. Notism would help us be able to get realistic feedback earlier, and be able to make better decisions earlier in the design process

  5. Juergen Berkessel

    Sep 3rd, 2013

    Our design discussions with clients are often conducted over skype, which can become tedious quickly.

    I think Notism would save both our team and our clients a lot of time, leave us better prepared and allow us to respond to preliminary questions off-line and and gather more meaningful feedback before such client meetings.

    We can’t wait to try it out!

  6. Sebastian Osses

    Sep 5th, 2013

    I constantly work with a team and clients from multiple countries in Lat. America (Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia). Internet makes it possible. We prefer not to rely only on the tool, but in the creative capacities of each one, nevertheless, Notism would be a really effective tool to bring out the best of the team.

  7. outwork

    Sep 5th, 2013

    As a member of a creative design agency i often use wireframing tools. I like the simplicity of Notism tool, so i want to try out. Thank you

  8. Gabriel Porras

    Sep 5th, 2013

    Our design process includes prototyping.. It will be really cool to add an online tool that permits us to do a easy review process with our clients.

    And it seems that Notism is a very cool tool for that!


  9. Danielle Baldwin

    Sep 6th, 2013

    This would be a lovely way for me to bring visual representations to every project kick-off meeting instead of having to wait until the second or third mtg. I could even work on them on the fly during our meetings. I hate extra meetings and this tool could save me a MINIMUM of two per project!

  10. tommy picard

    Sep 6th, 2013

    Mockups are just a jpeg in an email or a marked up printout or an email for each separate project. Would be nice to centralize all the info in one easy area!

  11. paula

    Sep 26th, 2013

    We need create prototypes to evaluate our designs quickly. I think Notism it is a great tool for that!

  12. Yaron

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Did any one win yet?

    I wish I had an app like that.
    I use all the others… you name it,
    on my laptop, Saas, iPad … chrome apps …

    One of these and I become a one app man!

  13. Joy Manuel

    Oct 24th, 2013

    I am just starting out as a UI Designer, and my team currently lacks any type of prototyping tool, therefore meaning my job is a lot harder as I have to create everything from scratch in photoshop which I am sure you are aware can be very time consuming.

    Having this tool would be a god-send for me and would allow me to have more time to design and be creative!

    Really hope I get lucky and win myself and my team an awesome tool!



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