Win 3 Free Licenses from Justinmind Prototyping

by on 03/10/11 at 10:48 am

[Note: This giveaway is over!]

The peo­ple at Justinmind have gen­er­ously offered to give away 3 licenses (worth $495.00 each) to UX Move­ment readers for free.

Justinmind offers you wireframe and prototyping tools that you can use both online and offline to create, test and share high fidelity wireframes quickly and easily without any coding.

With Justinmind, not only can you create dynamic (data-based) and interactive (JS-like events) wireframes, but you’ll also be able to share them online with your users. They can add comments right on components, and you can even carry out user tests, as Justinmind integrates with most usability testing tools like UserZoom, ClickTale, Google Analytics and many more.

A Powerful Prototyping Tool

Their developers spent a lot of time developing an easy-to-use application that lets you add rich interactions, conditions and dynamic data to your prototypes without any coding. The generated prototype is so similar to a real application that users won’t know the difference.

Check out some of Justinmind’s key features:

  • Prototype for mobile, web or desktop to create interactive and even dynamic apps without coding. Work faster using ready-made widgets and create your own templates.
  • Collaborate with users, commenting straight on elements or creating user tests.
  • Communicate generating HTML, CSS and JS or a specification document including navigation charts.

Share and test prototypes online.

Once you’re finished with your prototype, you can share it online, so that your users can test it and use it like the real application. Also, anyone you invite can review and comment right on components. This is a great way to get feedback from users and customers.

Create an interactive HTML prototype.

You’ll be able to export your prototype to HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can also generate specification documentation for your clients in a single click.

Justinmind lets you share your functional prototypes online so that your users can test and comment it. You can also set extensive user tests using usability tools to gather data and statistics about user behaviours.

It’s Photoshop compatible.

Justinmind integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, so you can drag and drop your design straight from Adobe’s software on the Justinmind canvas. There you can start adding interactions right away, by just dragging and dropping them on your design.

Wireframe for web, desktop and mobile.

Justinmind offers a system of templates, masters and widgets available on Justinmind’s website. These free and ready-made widgets lets you prototype applications for web browsers, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and many more devices.

Carry out user tests.

With Justinmind, you can even carry out extensive user tests as it integrates most user testing tools like UserZoom, ClickTale, Loop11, Google Analytics and many more.

3 Licenses up for Grabs

For a chance to win one of the Justinmind licenses, all you have to do is post a comment below and tell us why you would like to win this wireframe tool. We’ll choose the winners randomly from the comments. So leave your name, email and comment for your chance to win!

About Etienne:
Etienne is an expert writer on wireframe and prototyping techniques. He writes extensively about UX and web design on Justinmind's blog.

93 Responses to “Win 3 Free Licenses from Justinmind Prototyping”

  1. Fred Abaroa

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I’d like to win because I am just starting out in a new UX business. Plus Im a great promoter. (Third time Im hitting leave comment)

  2. Rogério Ferreira

    Mar 10th, 2011


    Prototyping is a very important phase of software development. Even more since teams start to use Agile methodologies. It’s essential to proof concepts as soon as possible. So, I’m glad to know that Justinmind has to offer the solution that most of us need.

    I’d appreciate to be one of the lucky ones to win the license so that I can improve team productivity on prototyping phase.


  3. Adam Kochanowicz

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I would love to win one of these licenses. In order to show my clients just how much I can improve their site designs, the more tangible a prototype I can create the more likely they are to realize what they want out of my skills.

    Wireframing is nice and speedy, but it still leaves a lot to the imagination. Designers and developers know how nitpicky clients can be over the work we do for them. This is something that will never change. However, if designers like me can curate realistic mockups from Justinmind before getting our feet wet in the arduous implementation, we can start with a solid design and finish a project exactly as the clients expect.

  4. Matt C

    Mar 10th, 2011

    A tool like justinmind would allow me to streamline the prototyping stage and most importantly keep it organized and in one spot.

    No more sending PDFs of PSDs to each party, no more email threads of monolithic proportions ironing out simple changes and tweaks.

  5. Geert

    Mar 10th, 2011

    We have been testing numerous wireframing tools and the moment we are leaning towards Axure RP

  6. Brent

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I am an independent web designer and Justinmind would help me standardize and improve my wireframing process, and allow me to design for multiple devices from the start!

  7. Dan

    Mar 10th, 2011

    Never been easier to create mockups of this quality. Very intuitive and efficient. A license for this would be huge…

  8. Jonathan Cruz

    Mar 10th, 2011


    My name is Jonathan and I’m a young designer trying to get a foothold in the world of UX/UI design. I am completely self-taught and started in this line of work after realizing that the usability of many of my favorite websites were severely hindered. I began reverse-engineering them in order to make changes on my own and started studying the work of as many good designers as I could find – consuming everything possible that would help me.

    My goal is to be able to help create a more usable, friendly web environment and inspire others to do the same. I currently use the free version of Balsamiq, but have – for so long – salivated over the awesomeness that is Justinmind. Being new to this field spending $500 on a wireframing tool doesn’t really fit into my budget, as the price is a few times the cost of a month’s rent for me.

    I feel that having an amazing tool like Justinmind to work with would help give me that extra “oomph” when it came to delivering a perfect product to my customers. Having the ability to generate quick, fluid designs in this way would save me time and energy, allowing me to focus more on the final result.

    Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Bruno

    Mar 10th, 2011

    Right now I’m designing the UI for a new web application, and I’m struggling because it’s a huge project and there are a lot of information, but I want to keep things simple.
    I’m now using a web-based application for prototyping, but justinmind seem A LOT more powerful…
    Thank you and finger crossed!

  10. Sole Moris

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I’d like to win a license because I’m just a poor webdesigner from Chile (the third world) trying to learn about UX.
    (It’s a joke).
    I think that Justinmind looks as a good software. I’d love having a license to work with it.
    (Sorry for my bad english).
    ¡Saludos Cordiales!

  11. Brandon Harris

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I should get a license because my employers (the Wikimedia Foundation) are a non-profit and we don’t really have the money to spring for good tools.

    We produce the 5th largest site in the world (Wikipedia) and do so for the betterment OF ALL MANKIND.

    We’re like, poor superheroes up in here.

  12. Mark Nace

    Mar 10th, 2011

    How affordable is this product for a scoop on a budget? We would only use 15-20 at a time. Thanks!

  13. Scott

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I would like to win the product to resell it on Ebay. Just kidding.

    The wireframe application looks like a powerful tool from the videos. The reusable elements would be a time saver at my work, especially with all the revisions just so someone can feel like they put in their 2 cents, even though it was fine the first time.

  14. Rebecca Perkins

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I’ve only watched the demos and am already hooked & feel as though I ‘need’ this tool. I use another tool for ‘framing, it’s a sketch framing tool & it’s great for basic sketches.

    This takes wireframing and prototyping to a whole new level though and even let’s you design & demo the interactions. Very nice & I’d love to get my hands on it!

  15. Sascha Diercks

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I’am a UX-Developer from Germany and I am currently using Balsamiq for Prototyping/Wireframing, but Justinmind loks like an excellent Prototyping-Tool.
    The main reason for attending this contest is because Justinminds incredible integration for User-Testing and Photoshop.

    Finest regards,

  16. Richard

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I want to win because I want to design for a better internet :)

  17. Thiago

    Mar 10th, 2011

    It seems great ! i would like to have this.

  18. Fabiano PS

    Mar 10th, 2011

    From the screencast I can say I’m enchanted to the easiness of functionality.
    My team has already tried a myriad of solutions to address prototypes and mockups (many flash based) and we had no success; many times due distance.
    We would love to have it in our projects.

  19. Steven Noble

    Mar 10th, 2011

    Because I tend to think code first, and need a good tool to help bridge the gap between my natural tendencies and my desire to create something that’s a pleasure to use.

  20. Mike Jones

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I’m interested in a license of this tool because I’m always looking for new ways to speed up wireframing. It’s a crucial process that is often overlooked because it can be time consuming. I currently use Omnigraffle and while I think it’s a good tool I would love to use something that’s more collaborative.

  21. John Beckett

    Mar 10th, 2011

    Looks like an awesome app. I’d like a license because I am an engineer trying to do a designers job, and anything that simplifies the process is cool.

  22. Ross

    Mar 10th, 2011

    How would this not be helpful for a web developer?

  23. bactisme

    Mar 10th, 2011


    I would like to use justinmind for my next project : a social network to connect houses.

    Luck, come to my side

  24. Keith

    Mar 10th, 2011

    I would love to win a license for Justinmind, because I want to grow my experience with UX. It would be great to be able to quickly show executives my vision. It’s hard to do that all on my own without a tool like Justinmind.

  25. Mircea Alexandrescu

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Prototyping and Wireframing have become more and more important in a dynamic online development.
    Adopting this technique and the right tool for it, Justinmind is a great solution here, may be the first step towards an Agile Interface Design process or a Lean UX.
    As I already work in an Agile Development (Programming) Environment I believe that a great tool like Justinmind is the main ingredient that will accelerate and “spice” our work flow (especially the specifications-design area).

  26. David Cornish

    Mar 11th, 2011

    I’d love to win this tool so that I can create UIs that match the way users work, not making users work the way the UI does.

  27. RenOndska

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Already helped out with the Justinmind beta testing and liked what I saw – it’s what Axure and all the other tools out there should have been.

    Can advise anyone to give it a try!


  28. Karsten Vogt

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Thanks to Justin­mind for the chance to win a license of their software!

    As a software developer the prototyping process gets more and more important for my projects and Justin­mind really could help with this stage :)

  29. Mathieu Bernimont

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Thanks for this post !

    I didn’t know this software but it seems really interesting !

    As a young cognitive psychologist currently working in an IT company in Belgium as QA tester, I’m very interested in web ergonomics and sometimes use prototyping softwares (Balsamiq, Axure).

    This new tool could be then very useful !

    Thanks again for this offer and especially for the high quality of your news !

  30. Dominique

    Mar 11th, 2011

    I like to get a license because I like wireframing to much to miss this tool :-)

  31. Greig Varga

    Mar 11th, 2011

    I’d like to have a copy because I just quit my job to start on some side projects and this will save me $500.

  32. Alan Tyla

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Having suffered the clunkiness of Axure for the last 2 years, this seems like a refreshing change and so much more practical. Why would I like to win a license? Because I can’t afford one after paying out for Axure updates ;)

  33. Deborah

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Would love to win a Justinmind license! The wireframing applications I’ve used are always missing some feature I want. The collaboration and integration features in Justinmind are just what I’m looking for.

  34. Sharbel

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Great tool. I love the collaboration tools to allow team/clients to post notes on various elements of the UI! Please enter me in for the draw name: Sharbel email:

  35. Aaron

    Mar 11th, 2011

    I’ve been using Axure for years and in my new job people use Visio.
    I would like to win the license and show the team how easy is to create working prototypes and the positive response from clients.


  36. Lucas

    Mar 11th, 2011

    It would be very nice to get to know this new tool.
    I’ve been working with Axure and Mockingbird for some time now but they’re clunky (as someone here said before).
    Also, the user test part seems to be very useful.

  37. Sammy Hancock

    Mar 11th, 2011

    Looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ll soon be doing some testing for a web/mobile application and this looks exactly like the thing I’ll need to push out quick tests over both platforms.

  38. Jane Reinberg

    Mar 11th, 2011

    I’m desperate. Seriously, I am developing for web, iOs, Android and mobile web and need a tool to test concepts with. Justinmind looks perfect. Pick me!

  39. Tyler Kolden

    Mar 11th, 2011

    With this sweet tool, I could actually have happier end users and cut development time and budget. WOW – I would like to have this tool!!!

  40. Marc-André Joyal

    Mar 11th, 2011


    I am always looking forward to improve efficiency and quality of my work and this tool could help me with both of them especially when it comes to collaborating ideas with partners and clients.

    By the way, you’ll need to update your excellent interface library to work with Justinmind too! ;)


  41. Rinat

    Mar 12th, 2011

    Hail everyone. I’m a young ux designer from Russia. My goal is to become a high level expert someday & to promote the notion of “user experience design” in Russia. My country has missed much interesting stuff going on in Europe & the US during the last 30–40 years. I’m poor enough to avoid buying tools I really need. These babies cost a fortune. I’d really appreciate recieving a lilcense. Warm hail from Russia to everyone! ;)

  42. Michael

    Mar 12th, 2011

    I really want to start creating wireframes for my customers, and justinmind seems to be a great tool.

    I’m really interested in justinmind, and can’t afford it yet.


  43. lior fisher

    Mar 12th, 2011

    hi i love wireframing, and this product looks pretty good
    i would love to try it out. i also want to get me a new ipad 2 so for the price of this product i can almost buy me a new ipad 2. if i win this free license, i could buy myself a new ipad


  44. Igra

    Mar 12th, 2011

    I’ve been searching for the right prototyping tool for so long. Now that I’ve find Justinmind all I need is a license to star using it and spreading the word… Thanks ;)

  45. J. Sperling Reich

    Mar 13th, 2011

    I am an independent product manager of web based applications and digital cinema technology.

    The conversion to digital cinema is finally (after 10 years) well underway, however the infrastructure that will enable the seamless delivery of feature films to local multiplexes has never been developed. Instead, the industry (rightly) focused on making sure digital cinema servers and projectors both worked and were of the highest quality.

    Now that there are thousands of multiplex screens with digital cinema equipment, the lack of an industry-wide infrastructure has become a real issue (meaning, it’s a huge pain in the &#$*!).

    There are a number of us working in digital cinema that believe we can recommend solutions to the problems faced by a global industry. While many of those working in standards groups and industry forums are representing their employers (i.e. equipment manufacturers, studios, content distributors, movie theater chains, etc.), there are also a few of us, like myself, who participate on a volunteer basis in hopes of providing some value.

    A hurdle that everyone faces when trying to present potential solutions or standards into the motion picture industry, is that it is a group who love to pick apart suggestions and concepts, finding a multitude of reasons why some idea won’t work or shouldn’t be done. The good news is that when the industry is presented with alpha versions or functional prototypes of software or websites, they often see how these solutions can work. Rather than immediately squashing them, they begin to provide the suggestions needed to turn such prototypes into realities that can be employed by the industry at large.

    As someone who is working on a number of these projects within various industry forums, I have begun to build mockups of the software and web applications that have been suggested by smaller work groups. Eventually, these prototypes will be presented to the main forums for feedback and adoption. Rather than presenting simple static mockups, being able to show technology-centric industry professionals a prototype that actually simulates the finished product would be a unique opportunity.

    I have extensively researched all of the reasonably priced wireframing and prototyping tools on the market today; both software and web based. Upon concluding my research, I downloaded the trial version of Justinmind to give it a shot and after 24 hours believe it is the perfect tool for presenting prototypes to the industry groups I’ve spoken of.

    Unfortunately, the trial version will expire before most of these groups meet in April and May. While I love the software so far, it’s $495 is a little steep for an independent consultant.

    If awarded a license to Justinmind, I would make sure to promote the software within such industry forums as the tool which created the prototypes their world-wide members will be discussing over the next several months. In fact, it might even be possible to employ Usernote as a way to get a geographically diverse group of people to comment on the solutions being created with Justinmind.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  46. thinkdj

    Mar 13th, 2011

    I work as an Interface Designer and would love to lay my hands on something other then Visio, which is the only thing used in my organization for wireframing…

  47. Venkat Ivaturi

    Mar 13th, 2011

    Since last 1 week, I have been assigned to evaluate Prototyping tool for our IS department. I looked at Serena Prototype, Axure, Balsamiq. I developed a sample prototype using these tools. While building my evaluation report, I just googled if there are any other good prototyping tools and I came across Justinmind. I decided to download the trial and try creating a prototyping a complex screen from one of our applications. My comments:
    1. I was able to quickly start creating UI screen without even
    referring to the help.
    2. Later I referred to video material and the tutorial. Very helpful.
    3. Adding/managing data is very simple.
    4. I was able to create the screen, add data, scenarios in less
    than 6 hours.
    5. Just didn’t understand how to create specifications. But, I am sure it is not difficult.

    I am submitting my report tomorrow and I ranked this high in the list of tools I am recommeding to the IS management.

    I would like if I can win 3 free licenses (out of n licenses) for my company.

  48. Gerry Locke

    Mar 13th, 2011

    I’d really like to win this tool because a pen and paper just doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore!

  49. Helmut Fuchs

    Mar 14th, 2011

    Why I should win one of the free justinmind licences?
    Because I’d really like to have one ;)

    What sets justinmind aside from other wireframe tools is the ability to test and share your designs with real life users. Something that shortens a lot of fruitless discussions in meetings where opinions of button placments etc. regularly get out of control. And of those meetings I had quite a view in the past.

    Myself and current and future collegues would appreciate it, if you considered my application for this free licence.

    Thanks. Dftba.
    Helmut Fuchs

  50. Piotr

    Mar 14th, 2011

    I want license!
    I’m using Balsamique, but Your software is much better!


  51. esigeen

    Mar 14th, 2011

    I am after something that just works! Thanks! :)

  52. Kate N

    Mar 14th, 2011

    I’ve just started to compose prototypes and looked through several tools for prototyping. And I can say Justinmind is the most convenient.

  53. CaMypau

    Mar 14th, 2011

    JustinMind is AWESOME prototyping tool. It looks better than competitors and allows to do everything I need.

  54. Dina

    Mar 14th, 2011

    We are a geographically spread team, so it’s very important to have a good prototyping tool and we’ve been searching for so long… And I’ve never tried to win random in my life, the only thing that makes me try is Justinmind:)


    Mar 14th, 2011

    My company is looking for a interactive prototyping tool and JustinMind expressed us. We will be happy to get these licenses.


  56. Carlos

    Mar 14th, 2011

    Wow, that is one superpower prototyping tool! Even with just the screencast demo and descriptions, I’m already really impressed. I can imagine how this software can really help a web developer or designer to have their vision for a project be communicated accurately across to the other members in the team.

    I would admit this would greatly help me as a web designer and as a developer-in-training. Aside from accurately representing prototype designs, it can also allow me to work faster by making sure that my clients and I are always on the same page. The native feedback support is also ingenious and a very helpful feature.

    This software would really be very useful if it’s won by those who can really put it into good use. But I’m still hoping to win! ;-)

  57. Amanda

    Mar 14th, 2011

    this would be great for my company. we’re just getting started on online prototyping.

  58. Startup Investor

    Mar 14th, 2011

    If this works as advertised it should be very successful.

  59. Pablo

    Mar 14th, 2011

    Please, I need pro­to­typ­ing my life!!! get my one license.

  60. aislinn

    Mar 14th, 2011

    for my husband..he would love this! =)

  61. Rob

    Mar 15th, 2011

    We would love to use this in our agency – we’re currently fighting a losing battle with hi-res PSDs to design for mobile platforms and if we could use Justinmind prototyping I think we’d be much more productive!

  62. Brian

    Mar 15th, 2011

    I’m an interaction designer who is always seeking the best wireframing/prototyping/mockumenting tools for my team.

  63. Pau

    Mar 15th, 2011

    After reading the article I can’t just go back and use pen and paper for wireframes again!!

  64. Martin S.

    Mar 17th, 2011

    This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)
    A powerful wireframing tool is what I’m looking for… faster sketch drawing!

  65. Frieder Sönning

    Mar 17th, 2011

    I’m a german computer science bachelor student. I’m on my way to specialize in user interface design and usability. At the moment i evaluate different wireframing, mockup & protoype tools. most of them are really expensive :/
    it looks like a great tool and i already tried the trial version – so it would be awesome if i could get one of the licenses

    yours sincerely

  66. Kristina

    Mar 17th, 2011

    Great write up on this tool! Have you already given the free licenses away? Cause if not, add my name to the hat. I’d love one!

  67. zapikoe

    Mar 18th, 2011

    Hey, I came to this site after Googling for Justmind. From other people’s opinion online.. it looks holding a bright future!

    One thing that I loved, is the ability to create Mobile Apps wireframe. iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry. Even the likes of Symbian, WebOS and Windows Mobile

    Now that my friend, is cool!

  68. enric

    Mar 18th, 2011

    grat tool also for IxD students and teachers

  69. Agustin Ruiz

    Mar 18th, 2011

    I want a license!

  70. Pavel Reva

    Mar 19th, 2011

    At last there is real prototyping tool appeared after long existance of unsatisfied need !..

    That creates common cross-language and cross-experience understanding of a product which helps in few fields:
    - deliver to end users or clients what they really want;
    - clearly build a vision of a project for development team.

    Thus the benefits of using it are:
    - better product and more satisfaction;
    - lower cost which makes development of good products more affordable for wider range of businesses;
    - faster development and lower failures during development process.

    In the end, this is the top tool which makes user experience better!

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