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You may have a fashionable wardrobe, but you don’t have shirts that show off what you do. If you’re proud of your field and profession you should. These user experience T-shirts are a great way for you to express yourself.
They’re all personally designed by me. I’ve partnered with Teespring for screen printing and delivery. The material is 100% combed ringspun cotton and feels softer than your regular, run-of-the-mill T-shirts. All proceeds will help support UX Movement.


There’s often confusion between UX and UI. This shirt depicts the difference through iconography. UX and UI are part of the same circle, but not the same side.

The shirt represents this with UX on one side of a circle and UI on the other side. The icons along the periphery each symbolize a facet of their respective discipline.

Wearing this shirt means you understand the difference and can explain it to people who ask.



Trust Me, I’m a User Experience Designer

Trust is a key factor when it comes to user experience design. It’s needed to sway your clients and team to follow your design recommendations. But others can’t trust you if you don’t trust yourself first.

This shirt empowers you to trust your design skills and experience. The icons around the words represent UX and are common to user interfaces.

Wearing this shirt means you trust yourself as a designer and that others should trust you too.



I Love UX

The “I Love NY” shirts are iconic. But this shirt is for those who love user experience more than New York. The letters “UX” are the perfect substitute for “NY” to capture your love in a classic design.

Wearing this shirt means you’re passionate about what you do which is rare. This will help you stand out from the crowd in a positive way.



Your Website vs My Website

What’s the key difference between a good and bad website? It’s the simplicity and clarity of the content layout. This shirt illustrates that with wireframes.

One overwhelms users with carousel slides, dropdown menus, buttons, links and text. The other displays content in a clear and deferential way.

Wearing this shirt means that you believe good user experience is what makes a good website.



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Flow Patterns: Make Site Flows in Fine Visual Detailhttp://uxmovement.com/products/flow-patterns-make-site-flows-in-fine-visual-detail/ http://uxmovement.com/products/flow-patterns-make-site-flows-in-fine-visual-detail/#comments Thu, 02 Jul 2015 12:51:51 +0000 http://uxmovement.com/?p=8238

Every UX designer knows that site flows are a key part of the design process. They set the long-term vision for the site before graphics or code takes place.


Traditional site flows of boxes and arrows aren’t detailed enough to paint a clear vision to others. You need visual site flows that show the basics of how a page will look. This gives your team a better idea of what you’ll design so that you can better meet their expectations.

Introducing Flow Patterns


The best way to create visual site flows is to use Flow Patterns. This pro toolkit is loaded with 72 pages and 78 microinteractions for planning a variety of sites. It also includes 5 types of markers and callouts to help you create the perfect flow.


You get a complete set of pages for mapping ecommerce sites, corporate sites, product sites, multimedia sites and web apps. You also get microinteractions, which are special features users interact with on a page that you can call out.

Flow Patterns is designed with pixel-perfect precision. Each page has such distinct detail it’s easy to tell them apart at a glance. Its monochrome style gives it clarity and makes it easy on the eyes.

Not only can you make site flows with it, but also user flows. Its versatile elements allow you to incorporate both types of documents in your workflow.

Site Flows

Here’s an example of a site flow made with Flow Patterns. Site flows show how pages interact with each other to form the structural hierarchy of the site.


User Flows

Here’s an example of a user flow made with Flow Patterns. User flows show how the user interacts with a specific set of pages to complete a task or meet a goal.


With Flow Patterns in your toolbox, you’ll create beautiful site and user flows that inspire your team to fulfill the long-term vision you set.

Flow Patterns Features

  • 72 Pages
  • 78 Microinteractions
  • 5 Types of Markers & Callouts
  • For Making Site & User Flows
  • Pixel-Perfect Detail
  • Monochrome Style

What’s in the File?

  • Illustrator Symbols
  • Omnigraffle Stencils
  • Flow Patterns Cheatsheet
  • Flow Patterns Checklist
  • Site Flow Example
  • User Flow Example

Choose Your License

This product is for Illustrator and Omnigraffle only. You’ll receive an email to download the file after your purchase. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. Email us if there are any issues.

If you’re the only user of Flow Patterns, the single license is for you. If you’re sharing Flow Patterns, the team license is for you and your co-workers.

Single License $47


Team License $94


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Wireframe Patterns: Design at a Pro Level with Easehttp://uxmovement.com/products/wireframe-patterns-design-at-a-pro-level-with-ease/ http://uxmovement.com/products/wireframe-patterns-design-at-a-pro-level-with-ease/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 15:04:25 +0000 http://uxmovement.com/?p=7814

Wireframing toolkits are a dime a dozen. But none matches the superiority of Wireframe Patterns. Other toolkits require you to put single elements together to form a complete pattern. Wireframe Patterns allows you to drag and drop entire patterns onto your canvas.

Introducing Wireframe Patterns


No longer do you have to spend time recreating patterns you’ve used over and over again on different projects. A simple drag and drop and slight customization of a wireframe pattern will save you more time and effort than ever before. This can help you meet deadlines, iterate faster and impress your team.

A Monochrome Style for Supreme Visual Clarity

Wireframe Patterns is the only toolkit of its kind where its form meets its function. A wireframe’s primary function is to communicate website structure and strategy. Wireframes with color or various shades of gray lack the visual clarity a wireframe needs to serve its function.


Wireframe Patterns’ monochrome style doesn’t sacrifice its function for form. Its form follows function by removing all the visual noise that distracts viewers. Instead, it uses a single color against white to communicate all that it needs. The result is supreme visual clarity for maximum focus on site structure and strategy.

A Diverse Abundance of 14 Pattern Libraries

Whether you’re wireframing for mobile or desktop, Wireframe Patterns has pattern libraries for both. The patterns are so diverse you can use them to design full corporate, multimedia, magazine or ecommerce sites. There’s no limit to how you can use the patterns.


Presentation Ready Templates to Impress Your Team

Once you’re done with your wireframes, it doesn’t end there. You need to present them to your team. Wireframe Patterns includes annotation templates so that you can make professional presentation decks.



Made for Industry Standard Tools You Use

To design at a pro level, you have to use pro design tools. Wireframe Patterns is available in neat, organized libraries for the industry standard tools:

  • Omnigraffle
  • Sketch
  • Illustrator


Choose the Right Toolkit for You

Choose between mobile, desktop or both. When you buy both, you save $10. If you plan on sharing it among your team, get the team license. Buying a team license for both patterns saves you $20.

Once payment completes, you’ll receive an email to download the files. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. If there are any issues, email us.

A lot of craft and precision went into this product. Take a look below to see for yourself. We know you’ll enjoy using Wireframe Patterns as much as we do.


Single License  $30




Team License  $60




Single License  $40




Team License  $80




Single License  $70 $60




Team License  $140 $120




navigation controls


form shots


signup shots










mobile controls shots




mobile content shots


mobile signup shots


mobile activity shots


mobile ecommerce shots


annotations shots



Single License  $30




Team License  $60




Single License  $40




Team License  $80




Single License  $70 $60




Team License  $140 $120



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Wireframe Sheets: Sketch Your User Interface to Lifehttp://uxmovement.com/products/wireframe-sheets-sketch-your-user-interface-to-life/ http://uxmovement.com/products/wireframe-sheets-sketch-your-user-interface-to-life/#comments Mon, 19 Jan 2015 14:26:18 +0000 http://uxmovement.com/?p=5532

What is the first thing you do when you get an idea for an app? If it’s not sketching, you’re designing apps the wrong way. There are many benefits to sketching out your user interface before you wireframe it on software.

But it’s hard to sketch out a user interface that has specific dimensions on a blank sheet of paper. You need to sketch your user interface on the right device size to get a more accurate visual. You also need a grid to guide your hand when you sketch.


Wireframe Sheets are printable grid sketch sheets that have multi-device imprints on them. The imprints are sized to iPhone, iPad, desktop browser and iOS icon dimensions. There are 7 portrait and landscape sketch sheets that come in PDF file.

When you buy Wireframe Sheets, you’ll also get Productivity Papers as a bonus. Choose your license below, download your files and start sketching right away.

Single User License  $17


Team License  $37


7 Portrait Sketch Sheets

Upright iPhone


Scrolling iPhone


Tilted iPhone


Mixed iPhone




Desktop browser


iOS icons


7 Landscape Sketch Sheets

Upright iPhone


Scrolling iPhone


Tilted iPhone


Mixed iPhone




Desktop browser


iOS icons


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Light Freelancer: Every Document for Any Projecthttp://uxmovement.com/products/light-freelancer-every-document-for-any-project/ http://uxmovement.com/products/light-freelancer-every-document-for-any-project/#comments Tue, 27 May 2014 14:18:24 +0000 http://uxmovement.com/?p=6723

Picture yourself as a client who hired a freelance designer for a project. This freelancer has good design skills, but doesn’t handle project logistics well. If this freelancer is you, clients won’t want to do business with you again. Freelancing isn’t just about doing the work, it’s also about managing the client.

Every project has logistics that you have to discuss to comfort the client. Not only that, but you also have to protect yourself, and get paid for your work. Problems happen when client expectations aren’t met and expectations aren’t set.

What you can do to prevent these problems is to set client expectations from start with proper documentation. Light Freelancer is a package of four editable documents that’ll help you do that for every project.

  1. Project Agreement
  2. Project Cost Estimate
  3. Project Work Hours
  4. Project Invoice

Get it for only $10

Project Agreement. Set client & designer responsibilities.

[click to enlarge]

Before the project begins, you and your client have to agree on certain things. This includes confidentiality, responsibilities, revisions and payment. You also have to protect yourself from litigation if a client sues you. The Project Agreement protects you from client issues with each term. It’s a contract that’s written without legal jargon so that both you and your clients can understand it.

Project Cost Estimate. Give clients an overview of the work you’ll do.

[click to enlarge]

Clients won’t feel comfortable starting a project without knowing how much they have to spend. It’s your job to learn about their goals, and give them an estimate for your services. The Project Cost Estimate explains each deliverable you’re going to do and the estimated cost.

Project Work Hours. Track deliverable hours, versions and meetings.

[click to enlarge]

After the project kicks off, it’s time to work. The work you anticipated and the work you do in actuality are different things. You won’t know the difference unless you record your work time. The Project Work Hours tracks the hours you spend on deliverables, revisions and meetings.

Project Invoice. Show pricing details to clients.

[click to enlarge]

Once the client is happy with the deliverables, it’s time to bill them for your services. Clients need to know exactly what they’re paying for, so that they aren’t confused with the costs. The Project Invoice shows how many versions and meetings there were for each deliverable.

Technical Specifications

  • Open Sans Light typeface
  • ¼ pixel lines
  • Light outline icons
  • Uses minimal printer ink
  • Designed on a guided grid
  • CYMK print ready colors
  • Fits on US Letter or A4 paper
  • Vector format and editable
  • For Illustrator, Omnigraffle & Sketch

Get it for only $10

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